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Have You Ever Used An Oxide Wash In An Atmospheric Firing?

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Recently I have been making a series of textured pieces.  I plan to fire some of them in a wood kiln and some in a soda kiln.  I am wondering if I can use oxide washes to bring out the textures.  Do I need to worry about the oxides running when hit with lots of soda and/or wood ash?  If anyone has a pic of pots they've done this way I'd love to see them!





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First is a vase, black copper oxide wash applied to texture and sponged off except for texture. Chun glaze over. Lots of running from the combination. Second picture are some ikebana vases, white stoneware with black underglaze applied and then sponged off. Third picture is a stoneware vase with black underglaze applied to carved area, then sponged off. No glaze, just ash and salt. All fire to cone 10/11 in a wood/salt kiln.




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I think black iron oxide will bring out texture and/or flaws(the good kind) when its used on the raw clay surface

and under glazes.  I use black oxide on just about everything, so I'm in favor.  How well it works for your

vessels might depend on the clay body...  I don't think the oxides should run, at least mine don't.  I apply the

stain, then wipe off most, and fire cone 10 reduction ...most of my clay body is red stoneware from Trinity Clay

Supply, Florence, AL.


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