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Ceramic Decoys?

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I have been working with clay for about five years and was interested in making some clay decoys. I like ducks and decoys and was wondering if anyone had eer made such a thing? Would it flaoat?

Would one clay be better than another to use? I assume that a porcelain might be bettre than other clays, but it may not be.

I guess I would have to glaze it, right?

I have some friends that would think these would be fun, if anyone has any advice.

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I think they's be great looking decoys. Would these be decorative or actually used as decoys? I believe they'd float without much problem, but staility might be an issue since they might be top heavy so additional weight may be needed in the bottom. iI you left them unglazed or partially glazed they may be permeable but you'd have to determine the rate and see if they'd stay aflaot for as long as you need. I don't know about your hunting buddies but mine just stuff their decoys in a decoy bag and I suspect porcelain decoys might present a durability issue. I'd love to see what you come up with however: ducks are a favorite shape of mine.




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