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Old Ci Creative Industries Wheel On An Orange Rectangle Metal Table?

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Just picked up this Creative Industries Ci wheel and can't find any info on it? It sits on an orange metal rectangle table with a brown top. It's in excellent, hardly used condition. Motor is strong and smooth... by "RAE"- does anyone know anything about it? I'm going to try to upload a pic...


Also, any ideas for a splash guard that might work?


I just got a new Brent CXC, as well as a used Brent C in the past month- then came across this and couldn't resist! It's a great wheel, I would just like to know more about it and hopefully get a splash guard because... well, I'm pretty messy, still. Looked for months for a good used wheel and nada! Then broke down and purchased a new one... now, I'm a beginner with 3 wheels and limited skills- hah!


I'd be thrilled with any info you have to share...





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Hi Amy- yes, that's exactly what I plan on using it for. Although, I couldn't resist giving it a little test run with an 8-10 lb ball of clay and was so impressed with the speed and consistent torque (at least as good as my Brent C, or at least it felt like it) that I thought if I could find a splash guard, or at least an idea for one, than I would get one. Also, I'm pretty messy when I trim, too :-/ I paid $100. Do you know anything about it?

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Sorry, no, I don't. Your picture was the first I had ever seen of one. :(


Here's a thought: Measure the clearance of the base of the wheel head. Then contact some of the wheel accessories suppliers and see if they have something that might fit. Clay King offers replacement splash pans for several different manufacturers, ranging in price from about $45 to $60 plus shipping. One of them is bound to fit your CI. But shop around. It pays to do your research! ;)


Yet another thought: try fitting the splash pans to your two models of Brent and see if one of them comes close. It would make for a good starting point in finding what you need. Good luck!

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This wheel was made in San deigo by CI-the early ones are all black ( I have one as a stripped down table next to my Brent)

they went Orange paint later on still with black plastic top. They where cheaper than say a Brent back in the day. I have never seen a splash pan on one-just find a pan that fits.

Hope you never need parts . CI sold out to speedball or someone else losg ago and redisigned the wheel line and took it to china for production.They renamed them as well to clay boss -which speaks for the marketers.


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I'm not sure if I will get the picture to post...but I bought the same wheel in 1974 for $195 or $275...can't remember...and it is still my primary wheel. It came with a splash guard...which I still use. I have all the dimensions and will be at NCECA this Friday to find a new splash guard. If you wish, I will share what I find from the mfg that are there. Posting pic next.

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The black plastic round object around the wheel head is the splash pan in the photo. One more item. There is a zerk grease fitting on the bearing right under the wheel. Make sure to add grease to the bearing. Do that every year and the wheel should last a good long time.

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NFallon, you just made my day!  Thank you for sharing your information and your picture... this wheel feels really good- even with my limited experience.  Solid, unlike a lot of newer wheels.  And it's nice to know that it has been working well for you all these years.  I feel lucky to have found it as it appears to have been stored away somewhere for a very long time without much use.


Any information that you could share i.e. manual, dimensions etc. would be greatly appreciated!   And the motor, do you know how much HP it has? It definitely feels stronger than 1/4... I'll have to look again, but I think it has a RAE 90V something, or other?  Consistent torque and really smooth.


So wish I was going to NCECA this year...  I'll definitely be planning for next year.  And yes, I would love it if you could share the information you get... I can try to message you my direct email address and cell phone number in case you want to shoot a pic, or text regarding your finds.


You are awesome - Thanks again!



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I believe Lorijean and I solved the problem of the splash pan for the 40-year old Creative Industries wheel.  While at NCECA, I spoke to every wheel manufacturer present about retrofitting their splash pan onto the CI wheel.  They were all very accommodating but very skeptical as each manufacturer has a proprietary method to attach their splash pan to the table.  Many of the splash pans would slide past the bearing under the CI wheel, but some would hang over the edge of the table.  The CI wheel was designed to be sitting on the corner of the table with wheel between one's legs. 


My solution should have been to purchase the best splash pan candidate from the web and try it out....but NCECA got the better of me.  I purchased the entire Clay Boss demonstration wheel for a discount from the good folks at Speedball.  It comes with a splash pan (smile).  Since I could put it in the back of the van, I figured I was ahead of something!  The only item that had to be solved was a method of securing it to the table.


The first link to my photo is the new wheel.  (sorry for th links...I haven't mastered posting pictures on here yet).  The Speedball people told me that they redesigned their splash pan a few years ago.  It may have been previously made from lighter weight plastic.  The new design is very rigid and is comparable to anything else on the market.




This link is the method I came up with to secure the splash pan to the wheel head.  Bungee cords are our friends.




If any one is wrestling with a similar problem...I cannot see why this wouldn't work with other wheel and other splash pans.



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I have the same exact wheel, NFallon. It was running really slow so I lubed up the bearings and tried taking apart the pedal to see if the controller in there was old. The  bearings are now in good shape and the wheel spins fine now, but after trying an failing to take the large pin out of the pedal to open it up and see the controller the pedal seems to erratically go between slow and fast whenever it pleases. The pedal simply doesn't work now, but it still spins. If you have any knowledge on this or have found a owners manual for the wheel that would be much appreciated.

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Hi Skipper 

Any luck with the pedal? I recently picked up this wheel for ~$100 without a functioning pedal. Am having a hard time finding a replacement and not sure what the next best move is... new motor with new pedal? Sounds pricey.. but can’t find anything online about this old creative industries table, let alone spare parts! 

would really appreciate if you could share any solutions you’ve come across 


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