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Manganese Dioxide / Carbonate In Glaze Recipe


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Guest JBaymore

I THINK you are confusing manganese dioxide with magnesium carbonate.  NOT the same stuff.


MnO2 versus MgCO3.


One sources manganese............. the other sources magnesium.  Totally different functions in a glaze.





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Manganese is a colourant used for making black in slips and on-glaze decoration.

Magnesiun is a flux to cause glazes to melt. Used a lot in white glazes as it goes cloudy in the fired glaze.

Not the same animal.


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Hi, thanks,


I realise they're different, I'm not using the magnesium, I was just stating that I've got both so I know I'm not getting them mixed up.


I've got manganese carbonate and the recipe asks for manganese dioxide. So I was wondering if I could use the carbonate as a substitute for the dioxide?

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