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Hello all.

  I am currently a student at my local cummunity collage, and have a few classes and some experience under my belt.  I have a small collection of my work, but I have always had someone else fire my work.  I recently came up on a great deal for a Jen-Ken kiln.  It was purchased back in 1995 and has never been used.  It is a PFG-18-E with a Perfect Fire control digital control panel.  I am just starting out and learning so any help on any topic would be greatly apreciated.  Here are a couple topics I need the most help in:

Can I put this in my garage as long as I have adiquit ventilation?

Can I use it for both glass and ceramics at different times? Or once it is used for one media, it always has to be used for that.

I have no manuals or operating instructions.  Where can I get these from?

Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the forum.


No ventilation is really required in the garage, as long as you aren't in there with it, while firing, or if the garage is separate from the house.


You can use the kiln for both glass and ceramics.  


I would imagine, the kiln manufacturer's website, would have a downloadable manual.

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