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New (Old) Wheels And (Re)Learning To Throw.

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My wife and are quite excited; after several years of throwing, we've finally bought two wheels of our own.


They're older (mid 70's?), but seem solid enough. One is an Amaco electric with a cone-drive, and the other a Wengers stand-up treadle wheel.

Of course, we had clay on them before they were all the way in the door.


Both operate well, and my wife was doing fine on the Amaco.

I ran through a couple of 2# balls on the treadle wheel, and there's a bit of a learning curve; it's going to take a while to find my rhythm on it.

I know I'm going to have to get used to throwing slower than I'm used to now.


Anyone have any suggestions on aiding the process? 

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Threw on a kick wheel by Amaco for a few years. Yes get used to throwing slower, but boy are they great for trimming. I like the slower speed for control and chattering. I got to where I could get it moving faster allowing more time for pulls, but you have to time the start of the pull to your max speed, and let the wheel slow as you pull up-which is the natural way with pulling. At the same time be careful of trying to run the treadle when pulling as you may get a vibration up through the shaft. 'Good timing is really best.  At the same time, you may find that the two of you switch back and forth on wheels. Powered on for larger pieces, treadle for smaller bowls, mugs, vases, pitchers etc and definitely for trimming.

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