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Newbie Brent Cxc Pedal Help ...

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Hey everyone, I just picked up a Brent CXC wheel but it didn't have a pedal. is there somewhere I can get a pedal that will work for my wheel without spending $200 on a new one from Brent? Are there generic pedals that will work. I only paid $250 for the wheel so I'd like to keep my costs down. Right now I have it hot wired but it only spins at the highest speed, not ideal. Also, if I do order the pedal from somewhere, does it come with the cord or just the pedal? Thanks!

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I suggest you call Brent wheel service and ask to buy a used one. They get them in on a regular basis-used would work fine for you.
I picked up some spare parts on e-bay so there is another source to look for as well.
You could also post a want ad for one on potterbarteryahoogroup.

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