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Thank you. I am in Massachusetts, not in India. I will look into finding a shop to sand blast them for me - would that be an autoshop, Mark? I don't actually have a grinder, although I could look into buying a motorized wire brush if it isn't too pricey. I'd like to avoid the cost of new shelves if possible, so I wouldn't want to invest too much  money in getting the kiln wash off. Thanks again!

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follow up: Tried to get the shelves sand blasted at two auto body shops, forgetting that I live in New England where people are notoriously Unfriendly and unhelpful! No one wanted to "get into that"....but, my husband happened upon some sandpaper called "sandblaster" at a local builders supply, and put it on his sanding machine. Worked like a dream.

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I have not been in New England since I lived there about 7-8 months  in 1969.

(New England where people are notoriously Unfriendly and unhelpful) has it gone downhill since then??

maybe its a lobster shortage?

I thought free or die would mean happy and helpful?


Ha! Well Mark, I actually think it has gone downhill since then. Living here as I do I guess I interpret the "live free or die" slogan more as "leave me alone". It must be the lobster shortages that makes everyone so grumpy. When I visited my brother in California he said I kept "blanking" people who smiled at me on the street. I honestly didn't mean to! We don't do that here! 

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