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I did not find out until late in life that making models isn't nearly as cool as making maquettes. As a semi-inspired college architecture student, I made models, study-models, mock-ups, and 3-d illustrations...but have no recollection of ever being asked to prepare a maquette (and that has nothing to do with going to school in the 1960's  :wacko:  ).  At any rate, now that I am too old to be really cool... I sketch like an obsessed person and build maquettes of most complex forms that manage to escape the sketchpad. 


A few years back, I was working on a teapot project that followed my compulsive  brainstorm-sketch-maquette sequence.  Nearing the end of the "Tea is for Trumpet" construction, I was still looking at my little model/maquette and began thinking, "It seems like a waste to discard this, what could I do with it?"  In this particular case, the maquette became the finial on top of the teapot's lid.  It is the only time that I have done something like that, but I am re-visiting the question..."What should I do with maquettes?  More importantly for this discussion,


"What do you do with your maquettes?"



(and sorry about the "Make it or Break it" reference pun in the title...it is the coffee speaking)


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Wow, Paul. You just brought an entire orchestra-inspired teapot series in my mind. To me: of course you should fire it, glaze it and send the series to some fancy juried show! The mind boggles at the possibilities. It's this kind of ingenuity that makes a big positive stamp on your creative ventures. I could spend a long time looking at that and admiring the melding of the instrument to the function of a teapot. This is exactly the type of work a collector wants to see IMHO. I love the idea that the original model becomes the finial.

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Well, I learned something.  When I was studying art I made a "maquettte."  But it was of a human figure.  I thought that was the only meaning of the word. 


I would bisque fire it then use it on the side for a stamp. Or to make a relief mold and sprigs.  The teapot is too cute.



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