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To Sell Or Not To Sell? That Is The Question

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Hello, I am a newcomer, first post on the forum!


Does anyone have experience on selling ceramics in California ?


I am far from being a professional potter/artist, but a friend offered me to come show my work (and maybe sell something, who knows) at her monthly home market event - she has a licensed jam business. If people like what I do, I'll probably sell at my kids school craft fair and similar micro-markets.


Do I need a seller's licence? What kind? Would it be worth it? If I get a license, do I get to deduce my expenses from my (non-existent) revenues?

I recently moved from Europe, so, though legally allowed to work, I am quite lost with US laws, taxes and such.


Thank you !!

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If you sell more than 500$ in owed sales taxes(the $500 is not the gross but the tax money collected so thats a lot of sales) you would need to file for a state resale permit with the  state Board of Equalization. They no longer issue these for small sales like you discribed.

That  resales permit entitles you to buy goods like clay without being taxed and you file a separate  state sales tax form via the web every January with the board of equalization -it is not a cake walk or for the weak of heart.

It sounds like a home sale at someone else's home  and a few school craft fairs you are so small I do not think I would do anything but have fun.

As far as  deducting expense you would need a business for that and thats way more work than you sales would merit.

Again thats a a lot of trouble for small write offs.

I usually suggest setting up a business etc but what you described is just to small for that amount of paperwork.

I would do that only of your sales merit that income wise meaning you really start selling a lot of pots.

There are different rules for city and county permits as well so it depends on where you are as well

Selling a few spots at a friends house once I would not worry about paperwork.


PS I am located the past 40 years in California with a pottery Business I think my resale permit says 1973 on it?Ok it over 40 years now-my how time flys

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