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Manchester, Nh | April 2015 | Anagama Woodfiring Workshop With John Baymore

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Guest JBaymore

Anagama Wood Firing Workshop


with John Baymore


April 1 – 5, 2015; Unloading on April 12, 2 015



Sharon Arts Campus of the New Hampshire Institute of Art,     Sharon, NH


Come fire your ceramic work in our new anagama

kiln! This past summer, we built an anagama kiln on

the Sharon Arts Center campus. This past fall, we fired

the kiln for the first time and achieved wonderful results.


This spring we are excited to offer an immersive workshop.

The Anagama Workshop is an opportunity to learn

the intricacies of wood-firing through hands-on

experience with a large anagama.


With the guidance of master wood-fire artist, John Baymore,

students will prepare, load, fire, and unload the anagama kiln.

John will also lead various presentations and discussions about the

process and history of wood-firing.


The first two days of the workshop will focus on

glazing, wadding, and loading the ware into the

anagama, with consideration of the forms going in

and the path of the flame during the firing.


The kiln will then be fired in shifts around the clock

for three days as it reaches 2400 degrees. Participants

will serve on 3 shifts at various times of the firing. As

the firing progresses, discussion will focus on what

changes are happening in the flow of the kiln and

with the ware inside.


Unloading the kiln, there will be review and reflection

on the results and impact of the making, stacking and



Participants in the Anagama Workshop will bring

work to the kiln and be able to have approximately 8

square feet of ware in the firing.


For those that want to have work in the anagama kiln

but do not want to take the workshop, there is limited

space available.


If you are interested in either level of participation

(the 5-day Anagama Workshop, or having work in the

firing), or for detailed workshop information and costs,

contact: Maureen Mills, Chairperson, NHIA Ceramic Dept.,

mmills@nhia.edu or (603) 836-2565.




New Hampshire Institute of Art

Continuing Education Office

148 Concord Street

Manchester, NH 03104-4858

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Getting dry wood or wood at all in Britain may be a bigger draw back...

Number limit to the workshop?? 1000 people: $100 each very doable :)

We've still got plenty of wood.  The amount of junk that we import from China that arrives on pallets should be enough to fire the world's biggest anagama   <_<

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Hi-just FYI, I will make the proper contact with Maureen, but want to let you know that while I will not be able to take the workshop, I do want to access very modest space in the April firing. In addition to paying any fee, I offer to be a worker bee in any capacity desired, if appropriate.   

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