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American Beauty Glazes


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They are rated 06-05. Content as followed:


Autumn green: 1/3 full

Foliage green satin: 3/4 full

Glacier green: 80% full

Aqua satin: 2/3 full

Canyon glo: 1/3 full


I would totally sell these to you for like $40 plus shipping. Problem is that it is colder than a penguin's big toe up here in Washington state and these bottles WILL FREEZE and are made of glass! :( Crapppp... well, stinker.



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Unfortunately, that may be the best thing for you to do. My google-fu came up with a bunch of makeup palettes and a bad 90’s movie. 

If you’ve got that many glazes, it might be easiest to put multiple glazes on one large flat tile, maybe doing them in batches of 10. This will give you the best results for the clay you’re using in any case. 

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Hi All - not sure if you still have your American Beauty paints, but I’m looking for certain colors and would be interested in purchasing &/or paying for shipping.  
looking for:

UG8 Camellia

UG10 Lilac

UG11 Wisteria

UG37 Pink Flesh

UG41 Sandal

UG45 Charcoal

UG55 Sage Grey


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@Clyf, try sending a pm to the member(s) who had some for sale. Just click on their avatar then the blue "Message" box that will be on that members homepage and follow the prompts. They will get an email letting them know they have a message on the forum.

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