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Pam S

Need Warm Brown Recipes

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I've been off the forum for a while. Paying job has been in the way since April. Finally getting back in the studio. Hooray! I'm looking for recipes for both gloss and matte warm (chocolate) brown glazes at ^ 5-6. I usualy use Buncomb White clay, but playing with Mary's Porcelian and Hellious. Suggestions and pics welcome! Thanks! P

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New Tyler Amber, Cone 6 Oxidation

(amber/root beer glossy glaze)


Red Art, 60

Frit 3110, 20

Gerstley Borate, 20

Total, 100


John's10X (John Britt)

(satin black (you can sub a brown Mason Stain instead of black), Cone 6 Oxidation)


Soda feldspar, 10

Spodumene, 10

Silica, 10

Wollastonite, 10

Kaolin, 10

Ball Clay, 10

Dolomite, 10

Talc, 10

Frit 3134, 10

Frit 3195, 10

Base Subtotal, 100


for black, Mason Stain Black 6600, 5

Bentonite, 2

Total, 107

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