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Talking About Glaze Tests!

Chris Campbell

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At tonight's Triangle Potters Guild meeting ( Raleigh, NC) there was a presentation by Martin Stankus and Carolyn Wyland about Cone 6-7 glazes. With some generous helpers and some famous advisors and some great art centers volunteering their recipes ...they mixed 300 glazes and applied them to 4 test tiles each ... One white body, one red ... One set fired in oxidation, the other in gas reduction. Four times 300 is yep, 1,200 glaze tests.

Then we watched a show of each of the test groupings for 35 minutes. Dead silence as a room full of potters drooled over glazes. It was often amazing to see how the glazes behaved on each one. The electric firings had much more running than the gas which was the opposite of what they expected.

They eventually want potters to have access to all the real test tiles, to the donated or open source recipes and to know where to purchase the books others came from. It is an evolving project.

Congrats to them for all this hard work!!

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