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A few of us junior potter wanna bes have volunteered to sculpt 'test tiles' to use on a wall display at a local arts council.  We elected to scultp various little feet [human, animal, creature], shoes, boots, skates, anything that is foot oriented.   We have given each piece texture and smooth surfaces with angles and flat areas for glaze movement.


Each piece has a notch in the bottom so it can be hung on a pegboard in a spreadsheet type orientation showing the combination/layering of various glazes.


Because this is a rather whimsical and fun display we are looking for a catchy name that is a play on words representing all of the following:



color chart



attached is a little pair of hobbit feet this is part of the group.


PLEASE SEND ANY IDEAS for title, other feet based items we can sculpt quickly or tips on making one of these fun displays.


hobbit feet


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