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Paper/decal Burning Off In Kiln?

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I'm using a technique where I apply contact paper stencils to create designs on my bisque before dipping into my cone 4-6 glaze.

I've had really awesome results with this.

My only issue has been that when I go to peel them  off, no matter how quickly I try, chunks of glaze pull off around the edges leaving  me less sharp lines.

I've been using a damp sponge to wipe the glaze off of the paper and dampen the edges, but I still end up doing a lot of time consuming detail work with a paint brush.

I'm toying with the idea of wiping the glaze off of the decal then leaving it  in place to burn off in the firing (well ventilated, of course)

I don't mind if the tiny bit of ash leaves some pattern on the unglazed bisque, but don't want it messing up glazed pieces in the kiln.

Has anyone tired this or had similar experience?

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