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Coyote Cone 6 Crystal Glazes

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Has anyone used Coyote cone 6 Crystal Glaze - particularly  Celadon or Lagoon ?  Are  they very runny and require a pedestal underneath the fired piece ? It calls for 2 brushed coats or 1 dipped coat- be intersted in hearing what others have experienced with these glazes. I was also wondering if  I extend my cool down  if the crystals might grow bigger.


heres is the firng schedule per Coyote :

100 deg/hr to 220 deg

350 deg/hr to 2000 deg

150/hr to 2200 hold for 15 min

500 /hr to 2150  hold for 15 min

125 /hr to 1400





below is the  firing schedule  i used for Laguna cone 5  Cyrstal Blossom Glazes


They are VERY RUNNY  and this schedule produced  smaller  crystals  just didnt like how runny the glaze was.



250deg/hr  to 1250

350deg/hr to 2140

25 deg/hr to 2165

1950  hold 3 hrs



anybody have any suggestions  with  the Coyote  glaze or  the Laguna glaze for that matter

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I have used them a few times yes. They like to be applied on the thinner side or they will run. A cookie or catch plate is a good idea just to be safe. They can be outstandingly beautiful but are difficult to work with. If dipping, a very quick in and out is needed or runs will be very bad. Hope this helps.



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