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Mark C.

My Mug Will Be On National Tv Next Week On Cnn

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Not my face

But one of my mugs-not just a mug but my jumbo mug a 34ozer

You can see it on CNN on Mike Rowes new season opener  show (somebodys gotta do it) October 8th at 9PM

Check your local listings for exact show times

My friend has a Baggel shop where I sell mugs as well.


The story is Mike came up to our sleepy county to film 4 segments at some small busiesses in Humboldt County.

he started at 6.30 am at the Los Bagels and needed the largest cup of cofffe they had-the owner Dennis gave him one of my 34 oz mugs full-he drank 2 in 1 hour. I have no idea what they will edit out out but I'm told the mug is in the show-it will go fast as he is working the front counter with that mug in hand-look for it.

Dennis also plugged my business but I'm sure they will snip that out

This bagel shop is one our best run business and I'm there at least once a week dropping off mugs or getting a bite.


He is just a regular guy by the way-again never met him but was told.

They shot a segment at a chocolate manufacture our famous goat cheese spot and a art glass recycle business

We have some great small businesses around here.



PS I do not expect any business from this just as when my pottery was in a local movie as well-its just another aspect of potting so long around here.

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I've been looking forward to seeing his new show - been following some of Mr. Rowe's travels for the filming on his Facebook. That guy is something else. Highly entertaining writer.


I'll be sure to look for your mug once I get a chance to watch it! (The show is playing right now, but I don't have cable service :) )

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