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Attaching Wooden/antler Handles

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Hello potter community!


I'm trying to figure out how to attach a chunk of antler (sustainably sourced, of course) to the side of a stein to act as the handle.  I've never done anything like this before, so I'm feeling really cluless as to the best way to go about it.  Currently I have two lugs coming off the stein (top and bottom) and I was thinking of fastening the handle to the mug with leather strings that tied around the lugs and the antler.  I'm making them for a medieval themed event.


Is there a better/more professional way to go about this?  I have been unsuccessful with trying to find tutorials online for this..


I've attached some photos of what I've got thus far.. they're still greenware so there's room to change things.  Thanks in advance for your insight!





Tiny Cat Pottery




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Anchoring pins (like, little short lengths of coarse gauge wire--coat hanger thickness would be ideal) and epoxy, then use your leather as a decorative element.  Drill your holes in greenware, accounting for shrinkage of course, then mount your pins when you're done firing.  2 in the top lug and a long one up through the bottom of the antler.  Leather to cover.


The only way I could see to make it more secure than that would be to mill a little mortise in the antler to fit the upper lug, and a little slot in the bottom of the antler for the lower.  Then you'd be glued solid with maximum surface area in addition to the mechanical strength of the mortise/slot and pins.

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My suggestion is exactly what Tyler said except I would not have that rectangle on the top-rather just your round clay as a lug and drill the antler with a round drill bit for the epxoy mount-that would save cutting a rectangle in the antler. Much easier to drill a shallow hole.

If you use JB wield  epoxy the pins may not be needed.


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