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Help In Selecting A Ceramic Printer

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I am a new member of this forum and I've been browsing the various discussions over the last few days looking for a definitive answer regarding selection of equipment for digital printing of ceramics.


I am currently considering purchasing a small volume Ceramic Printer and I've come across quite a few website (see below) offering anything from Ink Jet Printers to Laser Printers and I'm a bit overwhelmed with the sometimes conflicting information about the best systems.


Some of the systems packages including Printer, Laminator and consumables(Ink, Paper, Toner etc..) range from $3,000 to $15,000.


I have access to fire my work in a traditional kiln in Bali, Indonesia (where I currently reside) and not sure if the decals would be compatible with those traditional kilns.


I am looking at producing custom dinner ware, tiles and murals and similar type products.


If anyone owns a printing system and has been through the selection process, I would appreciate any advice you might have.


Thank you again





Inkjet & Laser Printer Systems


Laser Printer Systems



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 Have a few decals printed by someone who has a printer.

Ask for some decal samples from the manufacturer, then run some tests on the decals and see what you like. The manufacturer should be able to send you the best decal samples possible with a given print system. Some of the samples they may send, will be better than what you could ever produce on your own, unless you spent the hours they have tweaking the artwork.


Your kiln may not be the best choice. Is it a wood fired Kiln? You may want to get an electric Kiln.


Buddy up with someone who has a ceramics decal printer.

You could always send your artwork to someone who has a printer, It is fairly inexpensive. Most of the people with printers have the bugs worked out, they use the latest equipment, and can make you a pretty good decal. If you can make money with someone else printing your decals, then it would be worth purchasing a printer.


With any ceramic print system you choose there will be a nasty learning curve.

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