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Glaze And/or Clay Identification - Options?

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I am working on a special project and would appreciate help identifying a glaze (Raku or otherwise) that matches closesly the tones found in the picture below. On the other hand, would it perhaps be easier to find a clay body that when fired matches this tone? From my own view, the piece does not seem to have been glazed. If that is the case, can anyone identify a similar clay body that will achieve these tones? I need the piece to look as though it is centuries old. 


Thank you!


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Looks like Minoan unglazed terracotta (edit--not Minoan, Archaic Greek), plain and simple.  Not even terra sig.  Decorations were likely added using a combo of techniques.  Incised, small clay additions, and slip--like Gallic barbotine technique.  The dark tones are likely dirt and char from the ruins it was found in.  If you really want that effect, smoking the pot a little or pit firing might work after bisque.  Use a groggy clay if pit firing.


Get some terracotta, fire low, and have fun. :)

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