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Firing Porcelain Question

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I have a couple of questions if someone would be so kind.  I've recently purchased a Paragon Caldera XL Kiln and I have a porcelain sculpture - tall, standing figure - that I'd like to fire.   I used a wood kabob stick to keep the sculpt sanding when I made it and it is not coming out without a lot of work. I remember reading that some things can burn off in a kiln, will this?  Will that cause any damage to the kiln or sculpture?  And what, if any, material can I use that will burn off safely in a kiln?.  


I have also seen some posts about slumping and the need to support porcelain when firing - do I need to be concerned about that?  The people I purchased the kiln from recommended I do a pre-heat and then fire to cone 6. I am not glazing, just firing.



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You are new here, so welcome! Hope you get time to tell us a bit about yourself. :D


If you can, upload an image of the sculpture so we can see what you are talking about and advise you better.

Its easy to upload images if you answer via the "More reply options" button.

What kind of porcelain would be good to know too.


Seeing it would be the best way of accurately predicting what would happen.

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