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Adding Self-Harening Clay To Bisque Fired Pieces


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If you can tell us why you want to do this we might be able to give you some

other ideas for it.



I made slip cast pots. After firing I realized there are sections I want to add texture to.

Could have added w/slip or glazes prior to firing but didn't.

I know there are cold glazes that can create rock/crackle textures but not quite what I want.

I'm looking to see if I can sculpt onto the pots with a like material.

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For textures on already fired pieces you can also use a vitreous slip.It can be added to biscuit ware or It can even be used on a (thin)glazed surface.You have to fire the work again.



Very interesting - thanks.



Is there a specific vitreous slip product/brand or can I apply the slip used for casting?

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Like Chris, my personal philosophy is to chalk it up to experience and move on, of course that's just me. Everyone makes culls at one time or another and it should not be considered a mistake, it just was an unanticipated event. My excursions from desireability usually become grog. Perhaps you can do something else with the ones you've bisqued and add an interesting glaze design and they just become something else.


Best regards,


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I have used paper clay on the inside and bottom of a bisque fired pot that had an S crack. It worked and you cannot even tell the crack was there!




Did you put it through another bisque fire before glazing? I have a large bowl that I handbuilt that cracked slightly on the edge inward about 2 inches. Not a wide crack. I was thinking about putting some paper clay and keeping it for myself. I didn't know if I needed to fire it again before the glaze firing.



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