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Brent C- 20 Years Old

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Hi Everyone,

I found a Brent C pottery wheel that is about 20 years old for $500.  I was told it was only used about 20 times.  Can anyone tell me the upgrades Brent has done to their wheels since then?  Are the newer Brent wheels better made?  Is this a good deal?

Thanks in Advance!

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Brent C was not a bad wheel in its day. Depending on how much you have thrown it could be a good beginners wheel, however, seems a little pricey for a 20 year old wheel.


I've been throwing for about 4 years on a Brent CXC, but started setting up my own studio at home.  I have a beginner's wheel now, (Creative Industries 1/2hp) so I'm looking to upgrade.  What would be a better price for a wheel like this?

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Guest JBaymore

The earlier Brents are better constructed (solid) than the current ones (when they got sold). The new power supplies are quieter.


My CXC is pushing 40 years old.


For a C that old........ $350 .... maybe 400.





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I think 300$ to 350$

Is that a 12 or 14 inch wheel head?Does it also have a splash pan?

I also feel they were made better long ago except for the newer ones are less noisy.

Make and offer on it

I have a  CXC and two Cs also a B and a older small A I use for trimming.


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