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Sealing Leaky Cup

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This is probably a John b?

First it's vitrified.

It's wood fired with some grog.

I think this clay is mostly laguna 900, or possibly a mutt mix of wood fired clays. Looks a bit bizen like. Picture to follow.


While it's not hagi ware. I understand that if a piece of hagi-yaki piece continues to leak there are remedies. Like the starch or rice gruel treatments


I had/ have beer in mind with this piece


What is your technique / recipe for sealing


I'll make more but it's a 2 to 6 month turn around time for for me to get woodfired pieces back. And I'm interested in the japanese way to seal even though it's not hagi ware.

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It wood fired. It more so seeps than full on leaks. By the time I finished the beer the coaster was not fully wet.

It's laguna #900 the cone pack I saw cone 11 was down. Not sure where my cup was in kiln. Or where cone pack was. No crack but I haven't looked with magnification. I know the the grog, granite chunks. can cause small cracks in woodfire. This piece has some grog in it, not aggressive amount. Didn't see any iron spots on bottom. 3 other cups are holding water, less to no grog. I was told it was a shorter firing. And lack of, very little natural ash glaze on some pieces also proves it. Was a shorter firing, well known clay body. So I doubt it's a cristabolite issue

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