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Earlier today i was watching an episode of house on tv. in this episode house was trying to blackmail cuddy into giving him cable tv back so he could watch his soaps. But instead of succeeding like he usually does, cuddy threatened him with "if you don't do what i say i'll lock every tv in the hospital on the pottery channel". Now i know i could just google this bit of information, but i thought it would be more fun to hop on here..


is there actually a pottery channel on tv (i don't watch tv often)?

Do you have it?

is it any good?

Have you seen that episode (it's right around the death of wilson's girlfriend CB)


Thanks for letting me waist a couple minutes of your time.


Happy Sculpting! :)



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Guest JBaymore

Lovely....... disparaging comments about pottery on a populat tele vision program. Just whaty we need. :rolleyes:


In Japan there is a weekly TV program that is called "Yakimono Tambo"...... "Pottery Way".....which features a different potter each program. Excellent show (NHK...... Japanese language only).


I have also seen many tv drama programs there in Japan that feature potters as the protagonists. One such show the whole drama was how this particular potter was going to solve this really awful dilemma in her life....... her (yes...she) clay body was not vitrifying and the flower vases she was making would seep water thru them.  She had a huge show coming up at a major department store (in Japan ... the TOP venues to show). The pressure was on.  Make or break a career.   2 hour show with that as the core plot..... with all sorts of sub-themes woven in. Amazing..... only in Japan.





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Bill van Gilder had(?) a show on DIY Network called "Throwing Clay", but there isn't much on the website about it.







Bill has moved most of the DIY episodes to his web site. http://www.vangilderpottery.com/#!videos/c1g7i

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