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June 28,29,30 - Firing Workshop - Tom Coleman & Paul Geil

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3 day Firing Workshop at the Geil Kilns Headquarters &
Manufacturing center in Huntington Beach, CA. 

June 28,29,30th, 2014

This information packed workshop is a hands-on event and is only $275 !


* Paul Geil & Tom Coleman take you step by step through the finishing process.
* Learn how to produce incredible results from a variety of types of glazes including the elusive Leopard Spot Shinos

* Learn Special Firing & Glazing Techniques from the Pros with over 40+ years of experience. 

* Glaze and Fire your own work!

* And take home a wealth of knowledge and possibly the most incredible pots you've ever made!

For More information on past Geil Kilns Workshops check out these youtube videos


Space is Limited!
so Call Now to find out more and reserve your space.

1-800-887-4345    or   714-847-6135




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I posted this notice, after doing research on the mysteries of Leopard Spot Shinos and how to get them.. I ended up  attended this workshop in Huntington Beach, California,

held at the GEIL KILNS manufacturing center and headquarters.  This workshop was a bargain. In a semi-hands on experience as I did not have to load the kiln...They packed 3 days full of a variety of informational topics including, glazing, loading, firing, Tom Coleman throwing and trimming. and Paul Geil lecturing about kiln technologies.  And it was a plus not to have to worry about getting something to eat for lunch, surprised... lunches were included..


Paul was an incredible guy with a wealth of knowledge, an innovator, a engineer through and through. And Tom Coleman, what can I say about Tom Coleman... He's an incredible Potter, He's an entertainer with a life time of stories to tell, he's wise with knowledge and experience, and just a down to earth guy you'd like to have a beer with.  I didn't feel as if I was being sold a kiln so much as I felt I was exploring and building onto the foundation of knowledge to improve a skill set.  Finishing.


I highly recommmend Geil workshops to anyone wanting to explore and fine tune your finishing skills. 


I've attached some quick images I took during the kiln unloading.

What these images don't show is how much fun we all had.  What a great group of potters!post-63614-0-74774000-1405399290_thumb.jpgpost-63614-0-86311200-1405399293_thumb.jpgpost-63614-0-88311900-1405399296_thumb.jpgpost-63614-0-44734200-1405399300_thumb.jpgpost-63614-0-69613000-1405399304_thumb.jpgpost-63614-0-48849700-1405399308_thumb.jpg











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