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Hourly Earnings For A Potter, Part 6

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Hi everybody,


This is the second-to-last installment of my project ... covering a holiday art festival at a well-known museum. This is the fourth retail event in my project, and an interesting pattern has emerged.




The last installment will come in two weeks after my holiday open house.





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Thanks once again for your posting. It is really very interesting.


I've always felt that 90% of the battle was picking the right shows

but doing that is a big job in itself. You try to pick good shows but the word

gets out and the competition for spots gets fierce.


I was told once that to keep a show alive and healthy you keep the top

two thirds in sales and eject the bottom third to make room for new work.

It's not about getting bigger.


One of the best shows I've attended went on for two weeks ...but, you

could have a booth there for a day or any multiple. So people attended

more than once ... they even sold multiple day passes.

No two visits were alike.

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"Choosing shows" could be a long discussion on this forum. The flip side "recognizing the red flags of a bad show" would be really useful too.


Here are some of my cues, both good and bad ...



1. I see other artists whose work I admire, and who I know are smart professionals

2. The price points of other artists' work is within the same range as mine

3. The show has been around for many years, and going strong



1. When "art" is second fiddle to "wine" or "music" in the title of the event

2. The show is run by a for-profit entity (there are plenty that don't have a profit motive)

3. The show is run by volunteers (volunteers don't work very hard or have much expertise)

4. When the attendees are all over 50. This means the event hasn't tried to attract new customers in a long time.

5. When the attendees are all under 25. They can't afford my pots!



I could go on .... does anyone else have more to add to these lists?



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