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Hi all


Have just flipped through the last 20 forum pages (eyes hurt!) looking for a PDF paper some very clever soul once posted last year on making your own ceramic tape sheets of porcelain, a 'homemade' version of Keraflex sheets......of course cannot find it! Have used the Search option with several combinations of words but still no luck!


The primary binder was PVA glue that gave the thin translucent porcelain its plastic flexibility but with a bit of water would soften the glue base allowing complex shapes to be formed from the sheets.  Much, much cheaper than buying Keraflex no matter how wonderful it is.


There was a very specific way of making the slip formula and handling the sheets in drying so am looking for that PDF.....does anyone remember the post?....have the PDF on file?...have another recipie I could use? 


Help ........!












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10 hours ago, claclana said:

Hello! I am trying to work with porcelain very very thin and come across this chat, but the links do not work any longer,  could somebody connect me with some source? Or that precious pdf!? ....Please!?   Thank you

this should help, or here starting on pages 18 thru 21

edit: please look into the toxicity of burning pva glue as Neil noted in his post

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