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Making A Rolling Pin

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My recommendation -- look up French rolling pins. It will be infinitely easier to make one of those than a traditional rolling pin with a fat middle and handles on the side.


A traditional rolling pin would probably have to be hollow, but would be hard to keep perfectly cylindrical if built by extrusion or slabs... Maybe throwing could work, but that's a tall / thin / tricky object to throw (for me at least).


If I were doing it, I'd extrude and make a French rolling pin... And either make it with unglazed porcelain, or if you really want to glaze it, make a long hole in both ends and fire it on-end supported by nichrome wire armature.

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what if you took an inexpensive walmart rolling pin (or the like) then threw a cylinder of clay (on a wheel or hand built out of a slab i suppose) to slip over the outside of the wooden rolling pin.  


You could then adjust the diam of the wood rolling pin slightly to fit each cylinder after it was fired and then epoxy the 2 together.


this sort of arrangement potentially solves a number of the issues above.

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