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Kiln Stacked 5 1/2 Feet Tall About 1,000 Degrees 6.8 Earthquake Hits

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Well I had both my gas kilns cooling last night when we got a 6.8 earthquake.One is a little 12 cubic updraft the other is a walk in 35 cubic car kiln.The quake was over 40 seconds long. Within another 1/2 hour we had another 6-8 aftershocks -largest 4.6

Also during this time 24 hour stretch we had 3.1 inches of rain. I got my slicker on and peered in and saw pots stacked  on shelves instead of the back wall as I did 20 years ago.

Today I unloaded both kilns and all was well. Feel I dodged a bullet. All my stacked greenware in studio was fine as well.

Living In Nor -Cal near the Gorda plate is always exciting


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Way to surf the plate Mark! When I lived in Santa Cruz, we were 3 miles from the epicenter of the Loma Prieta. The surf was really up that day. There is a brass bench mark on the property. They re-measured it's location after the quake and it seemed we had traveled four feet laterally and one foot up. Only minimal damage occurred. The houses on the other side of the ridge were mostly wiped out.

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Guest JBaymore

Glad to hear you dodged the bullet.  Scary.


A number of years ago we were in the middle of firing a large wood kiln in Japan when a good sized quake hit.  Everything felt like a wave going thru....... but nothing collapsed.


The kiln gods smiled on you.





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