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Need Help Repairing Old Amaco Electric Wheel No.1-101

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Hello, I recently was given an old Amaco electric potter's wheel no. 1-101.  The wheel has not been used in a long time.  The wheel head does not switch to the correct direction for throwing.  There is also a knocking noise when the wheel is on.  I have a basic diagram of the parts and wiring that came with the wheel, but can't figure out where to begin troubleshooting the problem.  Any advice will be appreciated.

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This wheel was a two speed, direct drive wheel. If the wheel is going in the wrong direction it may be someone reversed leads on the motor. It was never very strong, as it would handle 10# at the most. We used ours for a motorized banding wheel, and for very light 3-5 # throwing. If you are just learning to throw, may work, but the lack of variable speed will be frustrating if you have learned on another wheel. As to the knocking, sounds like there is a bolt loose on the connection to the motor. Look to where the two join together and see if anything is loose. Another thing to check is if the bearing is loose up on the shaft to the wheel head.

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On 2/26/2014 at 7:46 PM, Benzine said:

I've had a couple of these wheels in two of my classrooms. They work well enough, in a classroom setting. All that I've ever had, had some age, and never made such a sound. I would check what Pres suggested.


I have yet to figure out, why they sell these wheels for so much, even to this day.


On 8/6/2020 at 9:55 AM, David Moore said:

Can a variable speed pedal or lever be added to this motor/wheel. I have one and want to make this variable speed instead of 2 speed.


Hi David 

did you ever found a way to add a pedal?

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