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Carolyn Dorr

Need Affordable Health Insurance?

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While attending NCECA I was able to talk to many artists, and one of the major concerns continues to be health insurance.


Here at Potters Council, we are concerned that many artists are not covered. We've been able to help many members obtain insurance in the US (some states are not eligible). It is worth it to give them call or request a quote online. Check out the information below.





Potters Council Health Plan: Enroll Today! Lock in Your Rate for three years! 866-425-3335 or www.potterscouncilhealthplans.com. With TeleExpress member enrollment, you can build your health plan, and enroll right now over the phone in as little as 15 minutes. You can be approved in as little as 24 hours. All plans are completely voluntary with no obligation. (Available for US Members Only)


  • Traditional PPO Health Plan - The traditional PPO plan is a cost-effective traditional plan for both everyday and catastrophic needs. You’ll be able to control your premiums without giving up benefits, you can still choose to add optional features, like an office visit copay for more protection and convenience. Providing up to $25 million in benefits, this traditional plan offers quality and fexibility.
  • PPO “Light†Health Plan - The PPO “Light†plan is ideal for those who are without health insurance or are thinking about dropping current coverage due to cost. This health plan provides extensive access to providers and up to $2 million in health-care benefits, for as little as half the price of other popular plans.
  • Health Savings Account Insurance Plans - Health Savings Accounts are the most innovative approach to health care in years and may save you up to 42% over traditional PPO plans. Furthermore, you don’t pay taxes on the funds you deposit in your Health Savings Account. Unused funds in the account roll over from one year to the next, and earn interest tax-free. Call today to learn more about the advantages of Health Savings Account Insurance plans.


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In 2008 my husband -- the main breadwinner for a family of five -- lost his job. It was a University position, and we lost health coverage, dental and orthodontic, prescription, vision, and tuition waivers for my three kids.


Through the Potters Council we have had access to a reasonable, high deductible insurance policy that we paired with a health savings account. He now teaches part time at 4 different colleges, and I teach at a college, a guild, and out of my own studio, but none of those combinations provide health coverage!


We really can't afford to go without coverage. We're happy that this policy has provided us with a lifeboat.





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