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Favourite Colour Palette?

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Hi all,


Preparing for a craft market in 10 days and collecting up all the pieces I am thinking of taking along, have them piled up on the studio floor while I decide what other pieces I need to add.


Seeing them all together I notice how much of a simple ^6 transparent soft blue/green glaze I use......thought I had been focussing on unglazed white porcelain and some bright coloured underglaze items..... but the stockpile shows blue/green as prominent.......voodoo I'm sure!



Conscious or unconscious.......what colours repeat in your work?       What is your signature colour palette?




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As the big guy, Mark Cortnoy says;"cover your bases."

I hate brown pots, but people still love them and keep buying them. You need more than one dominant colour.

People still buy pots to match their couch, or the kitchen cabinet, or their T.V.

You are not going to educate them in your life time. Just make sure you have more than one colour of work if you want to sell it.

I like purple, or white with blue painting.


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I have a friend in the DC area who watches the color trends by designers for the coming year and adds a few of those colors to her line of work.

My own preferences are soft pastels and earth tones but not too brown.

This one has a wintery coolness.




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Love the subtle quiet colours, satin mattes, but seems like something happens in my own pottery , and like you Irene all the blues come out from the majolica blues to the slate, grey blues..Think the ocean gets me unwares, excited about a mistake glaze at the mo.  Try to write down what I did to rectify a known mistake..... ah,  age and its wonders! 

i added .5 cobalt oxide instead of carb because my brain said .5 would be the oxide,toodark blue. Then mixed up another batch with .5 co carb but it was in a jar on which I had written TEST as I had acquired this from someone.. Of course I didn't HAd brushed it on a maj. tile but hadn't fired it. I added this to  the first batch...

However when I opened the kiln, my greeny blue glaze was an amazing dark, blue green,metallic almost black in places satin matte.

Limited edition stuff coming up, will be expensive!

Need to fire that test tile!

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I haven't sold at a show yet, but I tend to like greens, minty jade colors, and pale creamy peach colors.  But the work that gets the most compliments from people is my "vulture inspired" collection which is a tenmoku and poppy red combination. It seems the pieces I like the least are the ones that people compliment. It's hard to figure out.  I just try to repeat color combinations of things that sell. 

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