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Gare 1822 Kiln

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I need help with my gare 1822 kiln, with the perfect-fire digital controller.  Before Christmas I had replaced a broken element, and the kiln worked fine, I only fired it to cone 05.  Then I had a student who needed to fire to cone 6, and the kiln didn't reach higher than 1900F, so I decided to change the remaining 3 elements.  But now the kiln will not go higher than 950F. It does'nt make the ticking sound it made before, when heating up.  All elements have been changed, and I've checked their resistance, and their good.  So now what do I need to check?  A relay? or what?  I have the owner's manual, but it does'nt address relays, or other problems.  I'm not an electrician, nor is my hubby.  Can anyone give me advice on what I should do next?  Thank you.  Denise

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