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Application Deadline - Spring
Check https://ratcitystudios.com/assistantship for most current information
The application is online and requirements can be found with the link provided.

Polish Your Professional Practices.

This is a work-trade agreement. Assist Deb Schwartzkopf at Rat City Studios in exchange for studio space & guidance in a variety of topics involving succeeding as a professional artist, best studio practices, and clay working techniques.  This is an opportunity to work with an active artist and to apply this information in a hands-on manner.  Have one foot in the real world of supporting yourself and receive support from this vibrant community.  Over time, take in the cycles and challenges of making a living as a working artist.

I am looking for a two-three year commitment from applicants. This might seem like a long time, but the months will fly and the depth of learning will be high.

What I Am Looking For:
I want to work with individuals who are committed to their career in the ceramic arts.  I'm looking for personal motivation and eagerness to learn. I need to be able to count on you to follow through at a high level and to consistently think of what would serve the RCS studio community. While the work you show me in the application is vital, above all I am looking for a good fit for my studio and a dedicated worker.  I spend almost all my time here at the studio living and working. The mental space and energy I foster here support my ability to be successful and to work long hours. As an assistant, I ask that you respect the space and add as much as you can to our exchange. This includes striving forward with your own work, finishing the tasks given to you thoroughly  (however small), and meeting deadlines. I’m looking for a person who wants to invest both in the community here and in their own personal growth. In my studio, I strive to balance long hours with a sense of humor, attention to detail with experimentation, & community with respect for privacy and personal growth.

Ideal Candidate Qualities:
Dedicated to your own Studio Practice- This assistantship is intended for those looking to grow in their own practice. Plan on spending a minimum of 2 days a week working towards your own goals and 1.5 days a week on assistant responsibilities to the studio. This makes having a day-job difficult. I expect you to be at the studio all the time.

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