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Burping Raku Pots

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Are there any other Raku'ers on the board (other than myself and Cass) who do this regularly? If so, why... and what are your thoughts on the outcomes?


(Need to improve on 'Raku'er' incidentally. Maybe 'Raku'nteur'?

Leave out the"n" and a much better outcome!

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...or even easier: "Pyro"

TOOO  ordinary you guys use:

extreme temps

open kilns at what temp?

Hair of horse tail

Interstate straw

Scats of bears??

north or south winds,

enjoy flare ups

Raccoon methane

Not to mention the various mantras and mudras

What else????


Playing  with pronunciation

Haut Rakutuers seems fairly near the mark, but

WItches and Warlocks might be pretty close.

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This photo is from 1997 for an article in ceramics Monthly. I had to fire at -20 because the photo was needed by the author,


Ha! I was just going through some old CM's the other day and came across the article. Nice article... bad pictures. Neither one showed your face.


My hair is always covering my face in photos...maybe that's why few people recognize me.


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Hair over face??

Thought it would be all singed off!!

Or at least pulled out to get a unique effect on your amazing plaques!

DO your horses run a mile on seeing you emerge on a flare up day?? Race horses pee or retain on demand, and yours??

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