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Ceramic Art Yearbook Shows Awards Including Tjr

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Congratulations to Tom Roberts who is listed in this year's Ceramic Yearbook for his award for Educator of the Year Award from the Canadian Society of Education Through the Arts.

TJR is one of the CAD frequent contributors. Congratulations to Tom.And many of the others who won fellowships like Kurt Weiser and Gary Neely.


Also many other grantees and residency winners were announced in the Ceramics Arts yearbook. Looks like a lot of young people with bright futures. Sadly also listed are many we lost this year including Janet Mansfield former publisher of Ceramics Arts and Perception, Nan McKinnell potter and former teacher at U of Co. Then moved to Montana to study with Autio and Voulkos. Victor Spinsky, NCECA's Regina Brown, Funk artist David Gilhooly and several more.


The yearbook is a good little community update for many in the field.




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Guest JBaymore

Congratulations Tom!


And Marcia....... the "passings" listings keep getting closer and closer to "home" every year.  More and more contemporaries and friends.  Sad.  And sobering.





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Hey guys;

I was not able to reply as we had to reset our Mac yesterday. I lost my password and couldn't get on the blog.

If you want to see what I look like without a plate in front of my face, go to the Ceramic Arts Year book.

Some great people have left us this year. I concur with Marcia and John, and Ben.I have met some great people at NCECA.Hope to get back there one day.

I knew Regina Brown from Alfred. With one phone call she was able to help the kid from Canada, who knew no one, find a place to live.She will be missed.


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