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Ceramic Glaze Database

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Hi there!


I'm a graphic design senior at Columbus College of Art and Design who also loves ceramics. I'm currently taking an independent study course where I'd like to develop my web and user experience design skills as well as delve into something a little more entrepreneurial. In a nutshell, I'd like to create an online glaze database that ceramic artists can submit various glaze tests and surfaces to as well as search for new glaze recipes to experiment with. I know there currently is software available to download and work with, but I'd like to create something that's a little more intuitive, user friendly, and social. My goal is to use technology to help connect us and develop and push the field of ceramics even further as a collective. 


I'd really love it if some of you on the forums here would be able to help get me started by giving me some feedback with your personal experiences with glazes and how you use them. I have some questions that you can answer, but feel free to give me any other advice that you might have. It'd be great to start a conversation here on some of the struggles and setbacks you have when searching for and using glazes. 


If you're interested in just filling out a survey online, I've created a Survey Monkey: 


  1. How do you currently look for glazes that you’d like to use or create?
  2. Where do you find glaze recipes?
  3. What part of the glaze production process frustrates you the most?
  4. Explain your creation process with a piece of work and how glaze is a part of that.
  5. Do you currently use any glaze software to generate and create glazes? If so, are you happy with it? How would you make it better?
  6. Would you be willing to share your glaze tests and creations with other ceramic artists?
  7. Do you own a smartphone device or camera that you could photograph glaze tests with? 



- Luke 

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