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Warren Mackenzie Platter Decorating Technique

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There's a specific thing that Warren sometimes does on some of his platters, these lines that are thick on the ends and thin in the middle, and I wonder if people think that this is just done with a brush, or it's poured, or what. I provide links to 3 examples below.








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beautiful plates  thanks for posting


+ 1 on brush technique


try pausing at beginning and end of brush stroke.  or increase pressure at start and finish of stroke


red plate looks like a shino,   any idea what he is brushing on top?

They're all shinos. definitely just iron oxide on the red shino. The black on the very white plate almost looks too black for mackenzie, I don't know what it is but probably just iron oxide and maybe some manganese, over the shino. 

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Guest JBaymore

Use a fude style brush (Japanese calligraphy brush).  Load it fully with pigment.  Tag it down onto the surface and press lightly...... then as you draw the brush over the surface lift up slightly to reduce the pressure (and the thickness of line).  As you near the other end of the line, start putting slight downward pressure on the brush.  Stop moving the brush while there is still downward pressure on it.  Lift straight up.


Practice this with red iton oxide and water on a copy of the NY Times.  By the time you have filled a few dozen pages with lines... you'll understand how to do it.


Learn to paint the classic bamboo stalk used in sumi painting.... and you'll understand how this effect is done. 





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I found this video helpful as I tried to visualise the process. Start at 3 min into the video for the

bone stroke, you may then want to restart from the beginning to see the shaping of the dots.


Regards, Peter

PS Warren seems to have deliberately varied the thickness during the long stroke.

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Those, like me, unfamiliar with calligraphy may be amused by this product:


Regards, Peter


... the video worked when previewing the post, but not once posted. If you have

any problems try entering "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpexQaxFbGwRe"

directly (without the quotes).

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