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I'm In Ceramics Monthly Again, Yay!

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I got my copy of CM yesterday. Your piece is wonderful. Congratulations again. In the review, I like the part where the reviewer picked up a hair dryer to see the breeze ripple through your "Straddling the 405" and was stopped by a guard.


BTW, John Baymore has a nice piece in this issue, too.



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Thanks everyone for the props
@ Shirley, it took about 400 hours.  or actually i sorta stopped counting after that.  Yes, when the wind hits it, it does produce a wounderful twinkling sound, like a little waterfall.  The sound is usually what people enjoy most :)

@Mea, I ended up driving it there. All six panels fit in a car. I just proped them up in the back seat, on the floor, and in the trunk. I think I broke only about 100 pieces which is way better then I expected. It was 2000 miles of constant noise. But, I got it there and thats what counts! Bringing it home was a different story. I had about 5 hrs to take it apart and pack up all 6000 pieces in plastic food containers to take on the plane.

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