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Commercial glazes: good experience

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Just found this thread, I know it's a bit old, but hoping to revive it? I know a lot of people on this forum make their own glazes, but I am still new to this and (like several people above mentioned) I don't have the right space (or enough of it) to be mixing my own glazes. Now that we live in the time of COVID, I don't have access to the glazes at my local studio so... it's a lot of experimenting at home with brush on glazes and a very limited number of dipping glazes. To that end I bought a sample pack from Coyote to try out something new and see if there were any I would like to get a whole bucket of...

I would love to see more photos of peoples favorite commercial glazes and glaze combinations. 

Here are some of my recents...

These were bisque fired at ^04 and glazed to ^6. I used the "slow glaze" pre-program (Bartlett controller on my kiln) but after doing a lot of reading since these were fired, I am going to try programing my own slow fire to see if I it changes some of the effects. The Coyote website specifies that their glazes do best with a slow cool.

Thanks in advance! I have been learning so much on this forum.





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IMO, correct practices go a long way to negate lack of good space.

I mix glazes in a laundry room atop the washer.

You can find the space and good housekeeping!

It's important because I have been quite nervous as of late, firing a new gas kiln with glazes I'm making. I totally figured it would be disastrous! The truth is quite the opposite. Of course, I have focused on finding recipes with a wider range...

But I swear some commercial companies make glazes with such a small success window, a mouse couldn't fit through. Corporations have no obligation to us, only the shareholders. So do they care your peices get ruined so you have to make another? No. It helps the bottom line. Not to mention the shelves you may have to purchase also.  

New Mantra.

"If you can shake a glaze....you can make a glaze!"


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I’ve had a lot of luck with amaco potters choice but brushing is just so time consuming! My favorite is ancient copper. The tan glaze here is “sandy” dip glaze from Clay Art Center Tacoma. I really like it a lot. I like that it has some variation with just the one color. For layering I still do potters choice, but the ancient copper and sandy are definitely my favorite single glaze. The bowl was really fun, I swirled potters choice olive green speckle, blue midnight, and light sepia. I did a couple others with some other combinations and really liked all of them. 





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Coyote and Amaco each have excellent Facebook Groups dedicated to their cone 6 glazes...lots of pics and shared info specific to their glaze lines  (search  Coyote Glaze Information Exchange  &  AMACO Cone 5/6 Exchange) 

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