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Tech Job at Sonoma Community Center

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Got a phone call and email regarding a Tech Job at the Sonoma Community Center, in Sonoma California. Don't know anything about it other than what was sent to me. Not sure how much advertising they're able to do for the position, so here ya go:






Position: Arts Studio Manager & Technician

Hours: Part-time: 20-24 hours/week

Salary: $15.40 per hour

Status: Non-exempt

Supervisor: Arts Education Manager

JOB SUMMARY: This position oversees the maintenance of all aspects of SCC’s

visual arts studios. Works directly with arts education manager to ensure an

organized, cohesive working environment for students, studio members and faculty



• Manage open studio programs and coordinate studio monitors

• Daily studio upkeep

• Kiln maintenance

• Printing press upkeep

• Handling raw ceramic materials, glazes, printing solvents, etching

solutions, inks and painting media

• Mixing and reclaiming clay and glazes by hand

• Order and pick up raw materials and clays

• Maintain functional, clean and safe studio working environment

• Work with program manager to identify and implement necessary studio


• Other duties as assigned by program manager


• Minimum bachelors degree or equivalent in ceramics

• Ability to self-direct

• Strong background in visual arts

• Working knowledge of studio equipment and management

• Strong organizational skills wth regard to studio inventories, Materials

Safety Data Sheets and general studio safety

• Working knowledge of gas and electrical safety

• Strong technical background, experience firing & repairing gas & electric kilns

• Ability to lift 50 lbs

• Strong verbal and written communication skills



Please send cover letter and resume to:

Toni Castrone

Executive Director

Sonoma Community Center

276 East Napa Street

Sonoma, CA 95476

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Hey gang;

I am looking back on the days when I was a technician. I was paid for 12and a half hours a week. I don't know if I had any benefits. I certainly didn't use them.At the time, I was single, and was looking at the job as cheap studio space. I had a studio in a separate room all to myself, where I developed a body of work. I fired all the kilns, mixed clay, taught a first year class, hung out there on weekends, and worked on my portfolio. I made slides and applied to the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred and got in. My prof.,Robert Archambeau was a graduate of that school, so that's where I wanted to go.

Tech jobs are good as a stepping stone-never meant to be a career choice.

There was a great tech job in Banff. The guy had down hill skiis and got to go skiing every day. Hiking in the summer.


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yes, it's a pretty low salary and doesn't mention anything about benefits. many universities would give full benefits to a 50% employee, but since it's a small community center....

on the plus side, it's located in one of the nicest parts of CA and you get to use the facilities.

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I don't know of any university that pays benefits for part time positions. It is something I find to be really inadequate in higher ed. So many people teaching at two or three colleges/universities as "adjuncts" are without benefits. It is getting worse. It is a trend and not a good one.



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