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QUARTO PUBLISHING, based in London, is currently putting together a new book on ceramic glazes and we are inviting leading ceramicists to submit images of their finished pieces for possible inclusion.


What we’re looking for In January 2014, Quarto Publishing, creators of high quality illustratedbooks, will be delivering to publishers all over the world copies of Glaze. Quarto are noted for producing superb pottery books,notably, The Potter’sManual, The Complete Potter, The Ceramic Design Course, and The Workshop Guide to Ceramics. You can look at our beautiful books on www.quartobooks.com. We are currently looking for a wide selection of images of ceramic pieces to illustratethis book. We would therefore be delighted if you were to submit examples ofyour work for inclusion.


All workfeatured will be credited in full to you and will reach a broad international audience. If you have a website, this can also be listed in the book.


This book will also be published in other countries across the world.


The book


A carefullychosen and comprehensive collection of remarkable ceramic pieces selected forthe glaze used in their creation. Leading ceramicists describe theirmethodology; specify their recipes; and recount their creative intentions.Includes a section that focuses on the conceptual aspects of glaze, a technicalhow-to section, and a detailed glossary.


A synopsisof the book is also attachedfor information.


What’s in it for you?


Exposure to awide international audience; full credit, including website address.


Closing date for submissions: 31 May2013


Who we are


London-basedpublisherof illustrated non-fiction. www.quartobooks.com




For furtherinformation about submissions: Sarah Bell, Picture Researcher sarah.bell@quarto.com


For furtherinformation about the book’s content: Lily de Gatacre, Project Editorlily.degatacre@quarto.com

GCWB GLAZE synopsis.pdf

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