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I say keep your tax dollars and support in the local or as local community as you possibly can. Most books shops that are still operating will find any book you want (almost). You may pay a few bucks more than a discount place or a big internet seller. BUT the tax will stay in your community infrastructure and you will be helping some people keep their jobs and their business. Support local is my suggestion!!

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yes, keep it local when possible :)

i've found some neat things in the used book shops around town.


but what you find in those shops is also limited to what is traded in and sometimes trade is not so good.


i have found amazing things buying used through amazon sellers. my favorite find so far was a big hard cover noguchi book for about ten bucks. it was in almost brand new condition.

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Guest JBaymore

Steve's place (The Potter's Shop) is an important resource for the ceramic community. Their level of customer service is supurb. If you need information about a book, or suggestions..... Steve KNOWS the books....and KNOWS ceramics too.


Any potter that is in a "I can get it cheaper on XXXXXXXX.com" frame of mind should ALSO think about the fact that people can buy pots cheaper as imports from China or at Pier 1 Imports (and etc.).


What goes around comes around.





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Two or three years ago, eBay was where I got many pottery books for a song. I think the selection is not as good as it used to be, but you could try there.

Prices can be quite good, I remember winning one book for about $2.00 or so, and the seller was a bit peeved. She e-mailed me "You got that book for a steal!" ( hey it's not my fault, that's the way eBay can be, right?)

She had the last laugh though; I won another book from her soon after that, and she charged me double the posted shipping price! I emailed her asking what was up, but she never answered. I really wanted the book, so I ponied up.

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