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Greetings, Potters!


I am in the process of building a website via Shopify platform.  I have a problem deciding how to price my items: should the shipment be included or should it be added at the checkout? I am located in Canada, and do not intend to ship internationally. Does anyone have experience with this? What are your ideas or comments on this subject?

Hanna Lewandowski, Earthlight Pottery, British Columbia

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I’ve also found that having a shipping included price on the website eliminates confusion. I never use the words free shipping, because shipping isn’t free, and especially in Canada you can’t afford to just eat any part of it. 

Back when I had my etsy shop, they were beginning the push for all vendors to have “free” shipping. I was annoyed with the whole thing, and thought that people were smart enough to recognize that shipping charges would be extra, and that it wouldn’t affect buying behaviour. I was so annoyed, I decided to run a test in my own shop just to prove it. I made listings for my mugs, some with shipping included and some without. I wound up eating crow, because people absolutely bought the $60 mugs over the $40 + $20 mugs.  

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As a consumer as well as a seller I prefer including the cost of shipping in the price of the items. In a policies section I state that the price includes the shipping fee, at cost (UPS or whatever method). Keeps life simple and it stings less on the buyers end when going to check out. I often think twice when I see the shipping cost, because some of the rates just really irk me--I'm happier not having it shoved in my face.  It's just easier to swallow and if I do comparative shopping on the item, I can do the math and tell right away that the inclusive price is not an inflated price. I also prefer "shipping included" to "free shipping"-no such thing!

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