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This is a bit off topic but the Thread about zero tolerance for a bad movie made me to want to let you know about one of the best stories and films you will get to see in your lifetime-yes thats a huge statement.

A few months ago I became aware of this film and ran it down and bought it and a few weeks ago it won best Documentary of the year at the oscars.

Its a bit hard to run down but if you can check this movie out-its out now on netflix in disc form.

Searching for Sugarman is the title on DVD

-you can also view online the 60 minutes story on this.

this is a powerful story

The artist is Sixto Rodriguez and he has two CDs out now from the early 70's-Its great tunes for making pottery to.


PS he is now on world tour and is playing small venues around the world-check him out if he is in a town near you

his schedule is at



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Glad to hear that the film appealed to you. We in South Africa are all very proud that South African people played such a large part in bringing Rodrigues to the attention of the rest of the world. We are all still amazed, that an artist like him, could go unnoticed, in the rest of the world, while he has been a household name here since the 1980's. And just to bring the post back to pottery...my students and I played his music very loud, and sang along, for our last pottery lesson. I was astounded that they all knew every word, of every song.

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I feel you are so lucky to have had his music for 30 some years. I have only had it for a few months and its been going almost daily in the studio. I did read he has over 20+ new songs in the works for some more albums.

I was moved enough by his music to work the local Theater venue to try and get Sixto Rodriguez next year here locally if he tours again after this current tour.We are way off the beaten track here but do have a international draw of great music to our local collage venue. Everyone involved is excited that this may even happen here.The film I'm told today is playing in out local non mainstream movie theater.

Your post just just reaffirms such a great talent and what a story it is that this man has had during his life.

I'm sticking to my original statement ( to let you know about one of the best stories and films you will get to see in your lifetime-yes thats a huge statement.)

Thanks for posting as I too am learning his songs by heart as I throw pots.


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