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Help with Resume/CV/Portfolio

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I've reached out to both my local and regional guilds for some guidance/mentoring, but have only gotten "we'll get back to you" type replies, so I thought I'd ask here.


After several years of muddling through with functional pottery, learning my kilns and such, I've found myself switching gears and becoming a more skilled and more successful sculptural ceramic artist. I've entered a few shows over the last 16 months, been accepted and even won some awards.

I'm wanting to approach a couple of galleries, and I *think* I have a pretty strong hard-copy portfolio, but a lot of galleries also want a resume/CV and Artist Statement, and that's where I'm floundering a bit.


I don't have much formal education beyond some Jr College classes and a short apprenticeship, but, as I say, I do have a few shows under my belt now and a more focused direction to my work.


I'm wondering if there's someone out there who might be up for mentoring me through this aspect of things?


Or perhaps you could share your examples?



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I am not so confident in my artist's statement skills myself, but have learned a lot from looking at the websites of artists and potters whose work I admire online. There are statements on most websites, and you can read though them taking notes about what topics they address, how the statements are structured, etc. of course the content of yours would be different, but researching for inspiration is a good place to start. Often CVs are on websites too. Good luck!

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