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Business Owner - Looking for a supplier for a customized jar

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I am looking for a vase/jar of a specific shape that I would like to offer in my store, I would need a number of samples of the vase and it would need to be customized as required by the client, I need the vase in 3 different sizes.  This would be an ongoing business for me so supply would be as required. 

If you are an artisan, please reach out to me to discuss. 


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Hi, Donna,

Your project idea seems to put all the Research and Design expense and effort onto the craftsperson. Unless these will be able to command a high price with some guarantee of orders, I don’t imagine experienced potters would take you up on the offer. 
If you need standardized sizes and styles that can be personalized, you are asking for some kind of small-batch manufacturing, which would require serious up-front money. 
How serious are you?


ps, are these funeral urns?

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On 4/16/2023 at 3:26 PM, Donna Fletcher said:

I am looking for a vase/jar of a specific shape

In addition to the issues raised by @Rae Reich, are you looking for craftsperson to reproduce a design that is already being made by someone else? If you are in the US, you might run into copyright issues. 

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