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Hi Every one,


We are a social NGO in North India engaged in the field of educating skills free of cost the rural poor to enable them to engage in gainful employment and earn their livelihood. We are working on by making contributions from our pocket and on pittance received from generous people. I want to set up a ceramic workshop, I have arranged for the equipment from some philanthropists. I have been watching the Ceramic Clay Daily for the past few years and I am entirely crazy about Sherman, Jenifer and bill for their dedication in dissemination of skills through website, excerpts, books & videos.




I want to have all of them but the limited and meager resources are holding me back. I have collected all you guys have offered as free downloads. Your Books and CDs are the reward for you for your toil for putting the thighs together in a such a systematic way. The one book or CD cost as much as $75 that is equal to almost one month’s wages (or even less) earned in India and a family of 4-5 people live on this much of money every month. We have taken the responsibility to improve the lot of these poor people. We are educating them (making them literate) Government does not help. They will show interest only when some results will ne shown to the officials.




At this stage, we are looking for the earnest help from the members of the Ceramic Art Community to donate the Ceramic books and the CDs in e-form or in physical form. This will help us showing to our pupil the greater exposure to the world of ceramics through these great aids. All help will be highly appreciated and it will be a great moral booster for the society.




Surendera M. Bhanot






#3758, Sector 22-D,









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Guest JBaymore

Dear John,


It will be so nice of you. I would appreciate for the same.









Already done.





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